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Fall 2024 Program

xavier symons

Why conscience matters:

A defense of conscientious objection

in healthcare

Spring 2023 Program

Zena Hitz

The life of the mind and the human good

Fall 2022 Programs

The rights & duties of citizenship

Luke foster / loren reinoso

Summer 2022 Cultural Program

Margaret Chisolm

promoting clinical excellence through

arts-based education

Spring 2022 Seminar Series

Carter SneaD

Bioethics & what it means to be human

We are all endlessly looking for reality even when we try not to, or think we are not.

This applies particularly , of course, to poets, artists, mystics - even, in their own way,

to philosophers and scientists.

Though we pursue fantasy, never more so than today,

the soul's only true sustenance is reality,

which even in the most adverse circumstance it somehow finds,

just as a seed falling on a rock face somehow finds the tiny crack where it can grow.


   ~ Malcolm Muggeridge, The Third Testament  

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