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a day at the detroit institute of arts
with Dr. Meg Chisolm & Dr. Mary Blazek


  • Yenawine P. Thoughts on visual literacy. Originally published in Handbook of Research on Teaching Literacy through the Communicative and Visual Arts. 1999
Comments from Students

I enjoyed the hospitality and the interactive intellectual discussion led by Dr. Meg Chisolm and the entire group.

The venue provided the optimal and inspiring environment for the session. It was a memorable event that I will

draw upon for future clinical practice. Please keep me posted on future events and if I can help you.

Thank you for your inspiring work.

PhD Candidate in Nursing

I really enjoyed the visual thinking strategy activity where as a group we questioned a painting. I found it beneficial to hear other individuals' perspectives about the painting and

how this exercise can relate to clinical practice.

Medical Student

It was a great learning experience and now I'm looking forward to more events like this!

Medical student
I loved the reflection time with a prompt. I felt like I was so inspired
and creatively stimulated that poetry just wrote itself.
Nurse practioner student

It was so interesting and thought-provoking to be led through each of the pieces

with all of the insights of the group. I really believe in the  work you are doing and am

always eager to offer my support!

Medical student

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